mFTP for Palm

Simple Powerful FTP Client and FTP Exchange Library

Back up, retrieve, and distribute Palm objects, databases, files, and applications from a Palm device with an Internet connection. Supports all Palm network connection types, including:

mFTP provides mobile users with easy access to FTP Servers. You can:

Simple effective UI

mFTP main1

mFTP main2

This clean, robust user interface requires a minimum number of taps to perform your tasks:

Easily manage FTP Servers

mFTP server1

mFTP server2


Create and manage your personal set of FTP servers, using your own names for servers. There is no fixed limit on the number of servers you can define.

Choose from among these connection options:

Customize for convenience and efficiency

mFTP prefs

It's easy to customize your installation:

Exchange Manager support

With mFTPLib, the included FTP Exchange Library, send Palm objects directly from any Palm application that supports the Exchange Manager. For example, send text documents to an FTP server from the Memo application using the 'Send Memo' command.

Similarly, received Palm objects are transferred directly to the Palm application registered for them.

mFTPLib implements all of the common Exchange Manager functions, including:

In addition, mFTPLib provides a set of FTP specific ExgLibControl functions for managing files and directories on an FTP server. More information is available to qualified developers on request.